January 28, 2012

Crochet Bookmark


     My entire family loves to read. There are sometimes more books than we know what to do with; but never enough bookmarks to go around :)

     3.75 mm crochet hook
     worsted weight yarn in you desired color choice

Abbreviations Used:
     ch --- chain
     sc --- single crochet
     st/sts --- stitch/stitches
     slp st --- slip stitch

     --- Any color of yarn can be used; but I found that the multi-color yarn looks best.


     ch 8
     Row 1: ch 1, turn; 1sc in each ch across - 8sts
     Rows 2-End: ch 1, turn; 1sc in each st across - 8sts 
     Continue stitching back and forth until the piece measures 7" long.
     * The number of total Rows needed may vary depending on how tightly you stitch; just be sure to reach a final length of 7".
     Final Row: slp st in each st across to create a finished edge
     Fasten off.

     Cut four lengths of yarn measuring 7" long.
     Holding the strands together, run the cut yarn through the top 2sts in the "top" of the bookmark.
     Tie off the strands to create a tassel; trim the ends so that they are even.
     Tie off and trim all loose threads. 

     This pattern is my own creation, so please do not sell, distribute, post on any other websites, or claim it as your own. If you wish to share my design with others, post a link to my page. 
     I do not care if you sell the finished item you make at a craft fair, fundraiser, or just give it away as a gift; but please do give me credit for the pattern.

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