March 7, 2012

Crochet Flower Bookmark

      This bookmark is thin enough to be used in almost any type of book. Plus, it's a great way to use up all of that scrap yarn you have laying around :)

     6.50 mm crochet hook
     worsted weight multi-color yarn
     stitch marker
     a button
     sewing needle and thread

Abbreviations Used:
     ch --- chain
     Rnd(s) --- round(s)
     sc --- single crochet
     st/sts --- stitch/stitches
     trc --- triple crochet
     slp st --- slip stitch

     --- Be sure to move the stitch marker up as you complete each round.
     --- Multi-color yarns seem to look the best; but any color of yarn can be used.


     Rnd 1: ch 2; 5sc in second ch from hook - 5sts
     Rnd 2: 2sc in each st around - 10sts
     Rnd 3: 3trc in first st, slp st in next st; repeat to end - 5 "petals" created
     DO NOT fasten off.
     Chain 50, pulling tightly as you work.
     Cut two lengths of yarn 4" long. 
     Attach the cut yarn like fringe to the last chain.
     Fasten off; leave a tail of yarn.

     Unravel the strands at the end of the long chain to create a tassel.
     Trim the ends of the unraveled yarn so that they are even.
     Sew the button to the middle of the flower.
     Tie off and trim all loose threads.

     This pattern is my own creation, so please do not sell, distribute, post on any other websites, or claim it as your own. If you wish to share my design with others, post a link to my page. 
     I do not care if you sell the finished item you make at a craft fair, fundraiser, or just give it away as a gift; but please do give me credit for the pattern.

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